01.Midstream Fuel Supply

Over 50 Years of Experience in Midstream Fuel Supply

FIKES leverages its volume to bring competitive wholesale prices at terminals throughout the country. At many of these terminals, FIKES owns inventory to provide even greater supply reliability and competitive wholesale costs. Additionally, FIKES operates terminals through its FIKES Terminals business.

02.Pipeline Map

Ship Bulk Fuel Anywhere in the U.S.

As an established shipper on many of the Country’s pipeline, FIKES has the logistical capabilities to ship and deliver refined fuels just about anywhere in the United Sates.

03.Fikes Terminal Supply

Fikes Terminal Supply (FTS)

FIKES Terminal Supply (FTS) is the signature fuel of FIKES Wholesale. Fuel stock purchased from reputable refineries such as Valero and Phillips 66 and additives with premium detergents, FTS ensures quality throughout the supply chain.

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04.Risk Management

Fikes Risk Management

FIKES utilizes hedging strategies to mitigate pricing risks inherent in the fuel industry. Through prudent use of financial instruments and adhering to a conservative risk policy, FIKES offers a variety of fuel contracts to meet your risk tolerance from fix price contracts to locking in a maximum price. FIKES can help you meet your fuel budget needs.

05.Join Us

Let FIKES Fuels Take You Further

FTS is more than just quality fuel. It is the culmination of our supply, logistics, strategic assets, and financial expertise that brings a quality product to the marketplace at a price that makes sense to you.

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