01.Downstream Fuel Supply

Over 50 Years of Experience in Downstream Fuel Supply

Fikes track record as a downstream fuel supplier to the industry is second to none. With fuel availability at more than 150 supply racks across the Southeast United States we provide product to your site at the best cost. In most markets Group Petroleum Services, a Fikes-owned transport company will deliver your fuel in a safe, professional and efficient manner.

02.Branded Fuel

We Are Brand Fuel Specialists

We market quality fuel products supplied by Chevron, Citgo, ExxonMobil, Alon,  Shamrock, Shell, Texaco, Valero, and CITGO branded products. We are “brand specialists”, which allows us to assist you in matching the best refiner brand to your site and operation.

Fikes Wholesale, Inc. supports refiner programs and promotions through effective communication and training. These programs enhance your business and help you maximize site profitability. They are designed to promote the brand and maintain the consistency that often sets you apart from your competition.

03.Unbranded Fuel

Ensuring Lowest Available Fuel Cost

If your site and strategy supports an unbranded offering, we can serve you quality fuel at a more economical price that meets or exceeds current EPA requirements. All of our unbranded fuel options meets all of the Federal detergent and additive specs.

Additionally, Fikes Wholesale, Inc. offers private label branding opportunities through our Food Fast brand.

FIKES Terminal Supply

04.Fuel Replenishment

Fuel Replenishment

FIKES Wholesale, Inc. has over 50 years of combined logistical experience. Leveraging relationships we have built over the years with many regional and national transport companies, FIKES will deliver your fuel on time and as promised.

Our Replenishment Team

Our talented replenishment team operates around the clock 24/7 to ensure facilities never go without fuel. Equipped with the latest technology to monitor inventories, terminal allocation, and wholesale prices, this team is second to none when it comes to delivering fuel on time and at the lowest available price to you.

Our Technology

The Replenishment Team receives real-time data feed from hundreds of tank ATGs. Using forecasting models, this team predicts and plans fuel deliveries for a rolling 48 hour window. FIKES cannot predict what fuel prices will be tomorrow but rest assured, we are constantly monitor fuel prices to ensure lowest available prices to you.

Our Methodology

Whether you desire just in time deliveries or prefer keeping your tanks full, the Replenishment Team will manage inventory your way. The team will work with you to establish reorder limits that achieve your desired replenishment levels.

05.Where We Are

Find Fikes Fuels Anywhere

FIKES Fuels can be found at many terminals around the country. Reach out to us at 254-791-0009 to see if FTS supply is at a terminal near you.

06.Reference Pages

Downstream Fuel Reference Pages

FIKES has built its brand on our ability to purchase bulk fuel from refineries and deliver it to many of the terminals throughout the United States. The culmination of skilled employees, state-of-the art technology, pipeline shipping space, carrier relationships, and conservative hedging practices creates an economy of scale and scope that allows FIKES to deliver quality fuel and better prices to its downstream customers.

07.Join Us

Let FIKES Fuels Take You Further

From Branded or Commercial fuel needs to Terminal Agreements and Hedging Products Fikes Fuels has resources and technology to exceed your expectations. We have best in class products, technology and people. Let us help you “Fuel your Success”.

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