01.Fikes Terminal Supply

Fikes Wholesale, Inc. Terminal Fuel Supply

FIKES leverages its volume to bring competitive wholesale prices at terminals throughout the country. At many of these terminals, FIKES owns inventory to provide even greater supply reliability and competitive wholesale costs. Additionally, FIKES operates terminals through its FIKES Terminals business.

Fikes Signature Fuel

FIKES Terminal Supply (FTS) is the signature fuel of FIKES Wholesale. Fuel stock purchased from reputable refineries such as Valero and Phillips 66 and additives with premium detergents, FTS ensures quality throughout the supply chain.

02.Fikes Waco Terminal

Waco, Texas Terminal

In 2015, FIKES opened its first fuel terminal located near I35 in Waco, TX. This terminal is centrally located to serve customers in the central Texas region. Connected by the Explorer Pipeline and supplied by refineries in the gulf region of Texas, the terminal provides surety of product in a convenient location.

Products We Offer:

  • Non-Ethanol 87 Octane
  • Unleaded E10 87 Octane
  • Midgrade E10 89 Octane
  • Premium E10 91 Octane
  • Premium E10 93 Octane
  • Flex Fuel E85
  • Diesel with Bio Blends from 5% to 20%
03.3rd Party Terminals

3rd Party Fuel Terminals

The Fuel Supply department continues to expand the midstream functions by shipping product into third party terminals throughout the United Sates. This product is available for both rack and bulk sales.

Controlled Allocation

Using systems such as DTN TABs and Toptec, the FIKES Supply Team monitors allocation and thruput at all terminals. Changes in rack volume and pipeline shipments are identified and responded to in real-time.


FTS Offers Various Pricing Agreements

To protect from pricing and market volatility, the company offers different pricing agreements that match your risk appetite. From fixed forward, caps/collars, index and rack pricing, FIKES has a pricing program that meets your needs.

05.Join Us

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From Branded or Commercial fuel needs to Terminal Agreements and Hedging Products Fikes Fuels has resources and technology to exceed your expectations. We have best in class products, technology and people.  Let us help you “Fuel your Success”.

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